A Visit in Indonesia and Malaysia

We are back from another visit in Indonesia and Malaysia. We spoke to our regular suppliers and we verified new ones.

We drew our attention to the form and type of acquired material that has to be in conformity with the EUTR standards. After the visit, we can state that the manufacturers’ consciousness regarding the lawfulness of obtaining timber is very high. Everyone, from lumber mill workers through the manufacturers of square timber, express their unanimous opinion on a proper move which was the introduction of dictates of the European Union.

What is more, we checked current preparations for manufacturing of subsequent batches of the square timber. We concluded contracts for the following few months for the meranti product.

FSC® Periodic Audit

We have received a report from the second periodic audit, which allows us to sell goods with the FSC® origin mark in 2015.

The analyses conducted for the purposes of the audit indicate that a sale of certified products increased more than three times as compared to the previous year.

Red Grandis

We are the first Polish company that has concluded contracts with a manufacturer from Uruguay concerning a new product on our market, which is square timber and plank made of the RED

GRANDIS (EUCALIPTUS GRANDIS) timber. Having in mind that wood materials sourced from a plantation might be a future of this industry, we decided to add such a product to our warehouse.

There is plank of 25.4 and 38.1 thickness in our regular distribution. We are able to prepare square timber of each profile on individual request.

Innovative Economy

We have successfully completed one of our projects in the framework of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme. Thanks to the funding obtained, we have been able to expand our sale in foreign markets, in particular Czech, Slovak and Hungarian. The possibilities which the project gave us enabled us to acquire several dozens of customers from new markets.

Siberian Pine

We have launched a new product to our offer, which we believe will be very competitive for demanding customers.

Siberian Pine is distinguished by a much greater density which translates into, among others, its weight and a unique, dense rings system.

We sale joined square timber in three basic window profiles 72×86, 84×86 and 96×86. Moreover, we can quickly provide other untypical profiles.

Nuremberg 2014

The representatives of our company, such as the regional sales managers and the sales director took part in another timber industry fairs in Nuremberg. During the visit, we were invited to the economic meeting organized by Ms Justyna Lewińska, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Munich. http://www.monachium.msz.gov.pl/pl/aktualnosci/norymberga_spotk__goso

Legally harvested timber from Indonesia

The European Union is actively working to reduce illegal logging and related trade.

The conclusion of international agreements is to bring a positive impact on a global scale. So far, the Voluntary Partnership Agreements have been signed by the European Union and the following African countries: Republic of Congo, Cameroon, the Central African Republic and Ghana. Indonesia joined this group on 30 September 2013. The agreement was signed in Brussels by Valentinas Mazuronis, the Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania and Janez Potočnik, the European Commissioner for the Environment on behalf of the Member States of the European Union, and Zulkifli Hasan, the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia. The agreement is the result of a strong commitment of both sides to fight against illegal logging, which is to contribute to the transparency in timber trade. It is the first such agreement between the European Union and one of Asian countries. It focuses primarily on forest economy and law enforcement and a system of permits to harvest and trade in timber, which will ensure that the wood processed and sold by Indonesia will be only legally harvested. This is a serious commitment made by this country that has been having a problem with illegal harvesting for a long time. Until the entry into force of the new agreement, the timber products originating from Indonesia will be released for sale in the EU only based on a licence certifying the legal origin of the products.

– I am very pleased that the EU and Indonesia have joined forces to achieve a common goal – to eliminate illegal logging and related trade – commented Janez Potočnik on the agreement signed.
– This agreement is good for the environment and for responsible business. It will increase consumer confidence in the timber from Indonesia.

In order to prepare for the implementation of the requirements of the agreement, the Government of Indonesia has developed a comprehensive legal system for monitoring the validity of all aspects of timber production. The agreement will enter into force after its ratification by the Parliament of Indonesia and the approval of the European Parliament.


FSC Periodic Audit

We have received a report from the periodic audit carried out within the framework of the FSC certificate which has been granted to us. We are proud to announce that the result of the audit is positive and we will be able to sell products under the FSC origin mark in the subsequent year.

Article in the “Forum Branżowe” magazine

In the latest, April edition of the “Forum Branżowe” magazine (Industry Forum) you can read an article explaining the issues related to the EU directive requiring the importers to accurately verify the wood they place on the European market for the first time. In particular it concerns equatorial wood from countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil and China.

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Request for quotation

Here is the example of request for quotation in connection with the activities conducted in accordance with the co-financing agreement No. UDA-POIG.06.01.00-24-091/12-00 to implement the plan for export development under Action 6.1. Project co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013.

Tytuł projektu: Project title: FHU DREWNOSTYL’s development on foreign markets.

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